Now offering extensive WordPress custom post type work!

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Through a personal experiment, I've ramped up efforts in my WP custom post type work. What does this mean for future wordpress development work? To start, it means that virtually anything from products to portfolio entries to video galleries can be added alongside the "posts" and "pages" menus in WordPress, and will be treated as their [...]

new PHP / jQuery demonstration : a tool for generating random colors

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After a couple of days worth of lull, I decide to take on a few spur-of-the-moment PHP website development challenges. In this case, what began as a color thumbnail generator written from scratch has evolved into a full-fledged HTML5 / PHP / jQuery random color generators. Features: Numerous features powered by Query parameters ("", for instance) [...]

What to do when your wp-admin is blank

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Ever try to access your wordpress admin panel, and it just pops up with a horrifying blank screen? The solution may be even simpler than you think. In most cases, if you can still access the site, but your admin area is blank, it's the file "functions.php" in your theme. Even one blank space after the [...]

Ideas for enhacing your WordPress website

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Ever look at your WordPress website and just think "I know there's something that could be improved"?  WordPress sites can be expanded quickly and easily, and can be updated for changing times and design trends.  Here are a few ideas for kick-starting some new features! 1. Add an image "carousel" or gallery Using a variety of [...]

Now offering Resposive child themes for WordPress

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I will now be offering Responsive, Mobile-Ready wordpress child themes based off the Responsive framework. Let Austin Themes create your custom mobile wordpress theme, that changes based on the size of the user's screen - creating a unique experience across the platforms, all from just one wordpress theme! I can also convert existing WordPress themes to [...]

New free WP plugin! Check out the Strong Password Shortcode plugin by Austin Themes

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Just released a lightweight, free password suggestion plugin for WordPress. Use a shortcode to generate strong password suggestions for your visitors, with 8 different password types to choose from. Check it out and Download the Plugin on this website!

5 Easy Ways to let users interact on your wordpress site

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1. Comments Although it is a pretty obvious first suggestion, many disable this functionality in favor of simplicity. Adding back that commenting functionality is a simple way to give your audience a chance to respond to your latest updates and product releases. Note that adding comments does have at least two downsides: Comment bots automatically posting [...]

7 steps for finding the best design style for your custom website

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It's a blank slate and a crayon dilemna. Finding the best design for your website can be a high-pressure choice of thousands of different layouts, color schemes, and design elements. Adding to that pressure is the need for consistency in visual design, so getting it right the first time is something that most will be working [...]