Since it has come up recently in some client interactions, I’d like to take a post to cover the difference between wordpress pages and posts.

[more] Since wordpress began fundamentally as a blogging platform, it was built to distribute news and blogs. The posts system was created to make this process more efficient, and pages were added to handle content that was likely to just hang around. However, as it started to be used more and more as a CMS itself, the lines can get blurred for less experienced wordpress users.


  • get syndicated in the news feeds
  • can be arranged by categories
  • can be tagged for search engine and social media recognition
  • show a date/time and author, by default
  • are arranged and created via the “posts” menu in the wordpress admin menu

Pages –

  • cannot be categorized, but can be structured hierarchically
  • cannot be tagged without using a plug-in
  • don’t generally have an author/date created displayed
  • are arranged via the “pages” menu in the wordpress admin menu
  • do not get included in the RSS feeds the site creates, but do get included in the sitemap


See’s official explanation on the differences between wordpress posts and pages, as well