Although it is a pretty obvious first suggestion, many disable this functionality in favor of simplicity. Adding back that commenting functionality is a simple way to give your audience a chance to respond to your latest updates and product releases. Note that adding comments does have at least two downsides: Comment bots automatically posting cleverly hidden advertisements (in the form of their link in their comment), and the possibility of negative posts from competitors.

2. Forums
Adding a forum. Let your users add a community-level support system by adding a wordpress forum plugin, or by skinning an existing forum system to the look and feel of your wordpress website.

3. Contests
Having a contest is a great way to both reach out to your audience, and give a motivating incentive to keep coming back for more! Contests can be set up in a variety of ways, it just depends on how you’d like to conduct them and what plugin you choose.

4. Image boards and public uploads

Although not traditionally associated with wordpress websites, you can expand your site and go way beyond a simple site or a blog. Add an image upload board or public gallery to give your users a way to reach out visually and share their image with the world through your website.

5. Integrating facebook and twitter
Increasingly, social media integration is becoming an almost requisite part of any publicly-facing wordpress website. Facebook and twitter are great choices due to the myriad of plugins designed to make it easy to get your facebook or twitter data onto your website. You can also add social media icons to your wordpress site , or “sharing buttons” to give your users an easy way to promote your website through their posts and feedback.