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Places to find great, free WordPress themes

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In the interest of finding the best option for a prospective WordPress website owner,  I feel it's only fair to cover free WordPress themes in addition to touting Austin Themes' web design services.  There are dozens of great websites out there, so it's a only a matter of fine-tuning your expectations and finding a great theme [...]

Choosing your new wordpress theme

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Faced with the vast variety of the free and premium wordpress themes out there, many people hesitate to really look for their own actual design and just go with one of the (still-great) wordpress themes in the wordpress extend theme repository. While it is certainly a quick solution, sometimes it's worth taking the extra time and [...]

Free Genesis Child theme – Alpha Aero

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Thanks for checking out my free WordPress theme for the Genesis Theme framework. This theme has not been updated since about 2011, so visitors are advised to consider other potential options when looking for great Genesis Child Themes. However, if you have a custom website design or WordPress development project in mind (including custom WordPress [...]