Standard Post without Image

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Now offering extensive WordPress custom post type work!

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Through a personal experiment, I've ramped up efforts in my WP custom post type work. What does this mean for future wordpress development work? To start, it means that virtually anything from products to portfolio entries to video galleries can be added alongside the "posts" and "pages" menus in WordPress, and will be treated as their [...]

7 steps for finding the best design style for your custom website

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It's a blank slate and a crayon dilemna. Finding the best design for your website can be a high-pressure choice of thousands of different layouts, color schemes, and design elements. Adding to that pressure is the need for consistency in visual design, so getting it right the first time is something that most will be working [...]

Tips on organizing your wordpress posts

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Tired of a never-ending jumble of wordpress post categories, with little to no relation to each other?  It may be time for a little digital spring cleaning.. Here are a few tips for getting your posts in order: 1. think of the broadest categories your posts will fall into, and make those the main categories. Then, [...]

Things to consider when adding online donation for your website

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It's a common feature - the ubiquitous "donate now" equivalent of a "buy it now" button from PayPal you see on charity websites around the world. Charities are faced with choosing one out of the dozens of ways to accomplish this seemingly simple task. To make that choice simpler, there are a few things to consider [...]

jQuery/HTML5/CSS3 WordPress Theme demo released

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With the exciting new web design possibilities of the potent combination of jQuery, CSS3, and HTML 5, Wordpress themes are just starting to really see the impact of the new ways. The animation, scripting, and content display elements inherent to this combo are almost staggering, and it opens up a world of possibilities for interesting UI [...]

WordPress tip – making your URLs behave like normal web directories

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By default, wordpress permalinks can seem a little..uninspired. With URLs like "yourdomain.com/?p=55", it's just hard for humans and search engines alike to really get a sense of context from it all. To get a better URL structure, with an obvious hierarchy like "yourdomain.com/parentpage/childpage/", you can easily use the permalinks feature of wordpress! That's where custom permalinks [...]

Using wordpress shortcodes with template tags

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Tired of being confined to the main content area or sidebars for using shortcodes? Look no further. It's actually very simple to use wordpress shortcodes in your theme files. Just add the following snippet, replacing the shortcode enclosed with your own! It's that simple. SNIPPET <?php echo do_shortcode(’[ slideshow id=2 ]); ?>

Free WordPress Plugin! Get the RanNum Shortcode plugin

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For my second plugin, I've created a simple shortcode widget that can create a random number, either from 1 to 100, or from a set range using additional shortcode elements. Check it out in action, or download the install package zip! For example, check out the random number below! If you don't believe me, just refresh [...]

Tips for beginning wordpress users

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Getting used to wordpress is usually pretty straight-forward, but it can definitely be a bit of a shock when you first log in to the admin menu. With so many options for editing and creating content, it can seem like a labyrinth. So here are a few hopefully helpful tips for going through the options. Make [...]