Love WooCommerce, but want a little more?

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Thanks to a recent crash course in extending the Orders system for WooCommerce, I can now offer custom WordPress plugin development work with WooCommerce. Want to map your order data? I can help design a custom map for embedding (using google maps) I can also access WooCommerce orders to use the information in ways not built [...]

Places to find great, free WordPress themes

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In the interest of finding the best option for a prospective WordPress website owner,  I feel it's only fair to cover free WordPress themes in addition to touting Austin Themes' web design services.  There are dozens of great websites out there, so it's a only a matter of fine-tuning your expectations and finding a great theme [...]

5 easy ways to secure your wordpress website, and what the latest wordpress hacking spree means for your site

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If we're honest, sometimes we all get a little complacent on the security front. Even the most security-conscious WordPress user re-uses a password, or occasionally writes it down on a note attached to the monitor. Unfortunately, this latest round of WordPress hacking incidents shows us that the dark world of hackers still exists, and it's always [...]

Ideas for enhacing your WordPress website

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Ever look at your WordPress website and just think "I know there's something that could be improved"?  WordPress sites can be expanded quickly and easily, and can be updated for changing times and design trends.  Here are a few ideas for kick-starting some new features! 1. Add an image "carousel" or gallery Using a variety of [...]

Now offering Resposive child themes for WordPress

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I will now be offering Responsive, Mobile-Ready wordpress child themes based off the Responsive framework. Let Austin Themes create your custom mobile wordpress theme, that changes based on the size of the user's screen - creating a unique experience across the platforms, all from just one wordpress theme! I can also convert existing WordPress themes to [...]

What is WordPress, and what can it do for my small business website?

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Wordpress is a great online application, released for free by Wordpress.org, that's used for millions of blogs and websites around the world. It is a dynamic web application that allows you to log in and make edits and changes as needed, from any web browser. You can add and remove pages easily, and create new blog [...]

Customizing the WordPress Admin Menu

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Ok, so nothing can replace that fresh blog look when you open up "wp-admin" for the first time and see the bright, inviting blue logo asking you kindly to log in to your new wordpress site. But you can jazz it up using your wordpress theme to really make a lasting impression, whether it's just you [...]

New WordPress Theme – with unique jQuery features

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Introducing the Sketchbox Theme framework, an almost complete re-think on using modular layouts.  This side-project introduces site elements that automatically re-arrange themselves based on screen size, along with an amazing level of flexibility for minimalist layouts. Using jQuery's effects features, users can tab through the loop content and several dynamic sidebars in the main frame. Heavily [...]

Breaking the mold : Tips and tricks for designing original wordpress themes

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Let's face it - when you say "wordpress", the first thing most people think of is the blue blog of old. The pre-twenty-ten default theme left a lot to desire. With a plain blog look, it just didn't inspire the kind of creativity that most static website designers have in abundance with less limitations. So here [...]