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WordPress tip – making your URLs behave like normal web directories

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By default, wordpress permalinks can seem a little..uninspired. With URLs like "yourdomain.com/?p=55", it's just hard for humans and search engines alike to really get a sense of context from it all. To get a better URL structure, with an obvious hierarchy like "yourdomain.com/parentpage/childpage/", you can easily use the permalinks feature of wordpress! That's where custom permalinks [...]

A few quick tips when learning wordpress

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1. When in doubt, just scan the left-hand column in the admin menu. 2. Plugin settings usually appear as options in the plugins list, in the settings menu as submenus, and as new menus beneath the normal main menu items. 3. Use pages for things that won't change much, posts for virtually everything else that needs [...]

Using wordpress shortcodes with template tags

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Tired of being confined to the main content area or sidebars for using shortcodes? Look no further. It's actually very simple to use wordpress shortcodes in your theme files. Just add the following snippet, replacing the shortcode enclosed with your own! It's that simple. SNIPPET <?php echo do_shortcode(’[ slideshow id=2 ]); ?>