Faced with the vast variety of the free and premium wordpress themes out there, many people hesitate to really look for their own actual design and just go with one of the (still-great) wordpress themes in the wordpress extend theme repository. While it is certainly a quick solution, sometimes it’s worth taking the extra time and resources to actually make sure it fits your brand. Of course, if you decide you want a completely custom theme, I’d love your website design business!

Here are the few questions to think about while choosing a custom wordpress theme:

  • Do you have a color scheme for your business?
  • Can you add your logo, or do you want to stick to the text titles?
  • Does the theme offer custom menu support, or just the older built-in wordpress menu that sorts the pages by their order?
  • What kind of widget support does it offer?
  • If you need advertising spaces for your wordpress site, does the theme have built-in spaces?
  • Can the theme handle featured images, a system built into wordpress to handle post image thumbnails and image centerpieces?
  • Does the theme need a framework, or can it be used alone?
  • Is this wordpress theme compatible with my version of wordpress?
  • Are there any examples of websites that I like the look and feel of, and are there any wordpress themes that have the same overall design style?
  • Is this theme widely compatible with most browsers?