Ok, so nothing can replace that fresh blog look when you open up “wp-admin” for the first time and see the bright, inviting blue logo asking you kindly to log in to your new wordpress site.

But you can jazz it up using your wordpress theme to really make a lasting impression, whether it’s just you editing the site, or the log-in screen for users of your site. Note – Just a reminder, make sure to always back up your files before working with anything.

  • Change the logo
    The default wordpress logo in the topbar is located at “yourURLhere.com/wp-admin/images/logo.gif”

    The logo for the admin screen is located at “yourURLhere.com/wp-admin/images/logo-login.gif”

  • Shake it Up, and Move things Around
    You can find the main admin PHP templates in the root of the “wp-admin” folder. These dozens of .php files control the vast majority of admin menu functionality.
  • Add custom messages to admins editing the site
    Ever see those notification messages pop up at the top of the admin menu? You can easily add content or messages to that portion by using the easy script created by WPrecipes.com, at it’s blog entry. It’s a simple addition to functions.php in your theme files.