Ever look at your WordPress website and just think “I know there’s something that could be improved”?  WordPress sites can be expanded quickly and easily, and can be updated for changing times and design trends.  Here are a few ideas for kick-starting some new features!
1. Add an image “carousel” or gallery
Using a variety of plugins, you can create a captivating, beautiful image gallery or slideshow featuring your images.
2. Switch your normal homepage, with the lists of posts, to a normal “landing page”.
This way, you can always have control over what content most of your users will see first.  You can also add the carousel or image gallery from #1 to really strike your users with your product, or representative images. If you need help finding images, try MorgueFile.com, iStockPhoto.com, or PublicDomainPictures.net. The first and last are even free!
3. Keep comments on, but add an anti-spam plugin!
If your WordPress site has the accounts turned on, consider leaving the commenting functionality active. This allows your users to have a direct impact and communicate with others, at the expense of dealing with automatic  wordpress comment spam.
4. Use user roles to block off or limit sections to types or individual users.
With a plugin like “role scoper”, among many others, you can get an even finer amount of control over how users interact and access your WordPress website.  If you’re going to be using it to set up a Pay website, consider the “S2member” plugin. The S2member plugin has an extensive roles system, geared toward creating paid membership websites.