After a couple of days worth of lull, I decide to take on a few spur-of-the-moment PHP website development challenges. In this case, what began as a color thumbnail generator written from scratch has evolved into a full-fledged HTML5 / PHP / jQuery random color generators.


  • Numerous features powered by Query parameters (“”, for instance)
  • Most actions update a unique URL you can share with friends to let them see the great color scheme you’ve found over social networks, etc
  • Add new randomly generated color tiles
  • copy-and-paste hex color code output (more output formats to come!)
  • HTML5 (standards compliant)
  • The unique share URL imports your custom color scheme, clicked colors, and last color so you won’t be starting from scratch if you hit refresh.

To View It:

Click the big “View Demonstration” button to the right (or, if you can’t see it, click the article’s title until it’s just this article.)