In the interest of finding the best option for a prospective WordPress website owner,  I feel it’s only fair to cover free WordPress themes in addition to touting Austin Themes’ web design services.  There are dozens of great websites out there, so it’s a only a matter of fine-tuning your expectations and finding a great theme that meets or exceeds them.

  • – It has to be said that’s own theme repository (IE, the themes accessible through your wordpress site’s theme search feature) is probably the best source. Not only are the themes guaranteed to be free (even if they’re lite versions of premium themes), but they actually maintain a fairly rigorous approval process for public themes.
  • – a great resource for free themes from a diverse collection of authors. High-quality free wordpress themes that seem to be well picked for freebies.
  • – another high-quality index of free wordpress themes, designed for a variety of industries and uses.
  • – a good resource for free quality themes, with an emphasis on modernist responsive themes.