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What is WordPress, and what can it do for my small business website?

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Wordpress is a great online application, released for free by Wordpress.org, that's used for millions of blogs and websites around the world. It is a dynamic web application that allows you to log in and make edits and changes as needed, from any web browser. You can add and remove pages easily, and create new blog [...]

A few quick tips when learning wordpress

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1. When in doubt, just scan the left-hand column in the admin menu. 2. Plugin settings usually appear as options in the plugins list, in the settings menu as submenus, and as new menus beneath the normal main menu items. 3. Use pages for things that won't change much, posts for virtually everything else that needs [...]

Breaking the mold : Tips and tricks for designing original wordpress themes

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Let's face it - when you say "wordpress", the first thing most people think of is the blue blog of old. The pre-twenty-ten default theme left a lot to desire. With a plain blog look, it just didn't inspire the kind of creativity that most static website designers have in abundance with less limitations. So here [...]