Tired of a never-ending jumble of wordpress post categories, with little to no relation to each other?  It may be time for a little digital spring cleaning..
Here are a few tips for getting your posts in order:

1. think of the broadest categories your posts will fall into, and make those the main categories. Then, put your next broadest categories into the main categories, using the “parent category” dropdown in the “Add category” menu.

2. Keep category names short. Although I’ll admit I’m just as guilty as anyone else of this, It will help link lengths and DB storage space to a minimum.

3. Keep two audiences in mind when naming categories: Your end users (who may expect or have some industry or personal familiarity) and the search engines, which may use the tags and categories when spidering your content.

4. set as many categories as related for each post, but try not to have all posts on anything other than a main sorting category. This may affect SEO performance through duplicate content penalties, in addition to simply not being all that beneficial from a UI design perspective

5. If you need to add a category on the fly, you can easily do this directly beneath the category menu when adding a new post.