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Please fill out each section of the questionnaire below to get started with your website porject quote. Feel free to provide as much or as little info as you'd like.

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Project Questions

Do you have a domain name (URL) chosen for this project?

Do you have website hosting ready for the new website?

Would you like a full mockup to be a designed prior to developing the website?

Do you have an RFP / Project Specs file for this project?

Website Design Basics

Please describe your ideal design and layout, if you have one in mind

Would you like a fixed-width, centered layout - or - a design that takes up the full width of the screen?

What color scheme would you like?

Do you have any website examples with a similar design style?

Website Content : Pages

What Pages would you like on the website with just copied and pasted text?

What Pages would you like on the website with Text, Images, and a normal layout like a Word Document?

What Pages would you like on the website with Text, Images, and a complex layout - possibly including Animations, Custom Features, etc?

Website Content : Complex Features

Would you like any E-Commerce Features (such as an online store)?

Does the website need membership features or a user login system?

Does the website need a full blog feature?

Aside from Text and Images, what feature(s) would you like to see on the website?

Website Content : Materials

What materials and/or content will you provide?

More Info

Project Specifications, Comments, or Message for Austin Themes?

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