WordPress is a great online application, released for free by WordPress.org, that’s used for millions of blogs and websites around the world. It is a dynamic web application that allows you to log in and make edits and changes as needed, from any web browser. You can add and remove pages easily, and create new blog posts at a moment’s notice.

Why use WordPress?

  • Add and remove pages at the touch of a button
  • Arrange a variety of widgets in the sidebar
  • You can install thousands of additional features and plugins in seconds with the WordPress Plugins archive at WordPress.org, or purchase any number of premium plugins from a variety of vendors worldwide.
  • With a custom wordpress theme by Austin Themes, your site can have a unique, uniform appearance that makes site maintenance easier and  the design process quicker.
  • Set up forums, galleries, contact forms, etc. so that users can interact with your business.  The amount of user interaction is incredibly flexible, it’s all about your website needs.
  • create new blog posts in seconds, and connect them to your favorite social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc..)
  • let more than one person manage the site. Instead of a one-login approach that makes security difficult, you can use wordpress to give many different users a variety of levels of access to your wordpress site.